Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baila o disparo...baila...o te mato!!

Calle 13 tiene que ser una de las bandas con más peso en estos dias, pero peso real. Su música esta cargada de mensajes políticos y lo disfrazan con algunos soniditos regguetoneros y el personaje en el que se ha convertido "residente".  Aprovechando su popularidad (y debe mencionarse buen criterio musical) decidieron grabar una cancion en colaboracion con Vicentico de los Fabulosos  Cadillacs, quienes en su tiempo tambien fusionaron mensajes políticos con la letra de su música, llamada "Combo Imbecil de Papas y Refresco" y aun más chistosa fue la presentación de este sencillo en Fusiona2 de Mexico, patrocinado y practicamente creado por Coca Cola. Aww the irony, pero que forma de hacerlo.

Geek Style

This clock is my new favorite "must buy". It looks look cool as hell (if you are going for the Kanye-sane-West look) and it's actually entertaining: there are specific color lights that represent hours, minutes and seconds. The last time I had this much fun with a watch was...never!! MUST BUY!! check more about it AQUI

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cut -the-cheese Friday

LOL come on!! what's funnier than fart innuendos that actually mean something when you apply  them to a specific made-up scenario. It doesn't make any sense to you? What do  you think cut the cheese meeeeeeeeeans?!?! Let me pull your finger.
Que viva el viernes!! Espero que disfruten este commercial.

El comercial

Maybe some "priceless" things in life do have a price: medical attention for an over-wandering eye,  amblyopia support groups, or just plain corrective eye surgery. This new Mastercard commercial steps away from the sentimental or even romantic things in life as used in  their world renown commercials, to step into unknown territory to the campaign, to ultimately get you to click and wander (pun intended damn it) into their new microsite appropriately named "searching the priceless things in life".  It really feels like a reward website for the smoke-loving hippie or just plain clueless. 
The idea of this spot doesn't bother as much as the stretch that it's for MasterCard to use this quite unsettling condition. The priceless campaign is going dark, and I just wonder how far...

Bats for Lashes

The wonder that is Youtube, still helps us keep videos alive. Bat for Lashes is not necessarily a "search" find, it actually came to my attention by word of mouth. (That's how the indies roll). It sounds like bjork, it feels like feist and it looks like Michel Gondry. Not too shabby if you ask me.
Un video que se disfruta en camara lenta y obsequia cada detalle y que al final, ironicamente, se quiere repetir para observar lo que se pierde en la rapidez de la cinematografia.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reasoning the unexplainable

and concluding: we need new artists, new lyrics, new  sound, new music.  That felt good and even better is the feeling of a good song, or a weird song, your choice.
The kind that makes you wonder how did they think of that? but not, was that good or bad? Porque senos y senores esto es de lo que la musica  esta hecha.

To be honest, I am hooked to the Wild Beast, they are just so properly named, with their in your face music, I cant stand it!!! or maybe I do, if they continue to sing me songs that make me go: music can be exciting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Internet killed the video star

Seriously. How many over the top artist do you know that feel as ideal as the moon? Yes they are like us, but how fucked up are we? Lindsay, Paris, Amy (damn you Blake). I still remember the days when a video premiere was marked up in people's calendar because it was cool.
Los dias de MTV y MTV latino, cuando uno sabia nombre de los directores de videos y en que proyectos habian trabajado.  Y este blog es mi humilde intento de mantener esa tradición, del video musical, algunos cuantos buenos artistas y el director.  

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Somos seres palíndromos

A Palindrome: is a word or phrase which reads the same  in both directions. Some  simple examples are: Racecar, eye, deed, civic, nun, level, radar, POP... well you get the picture. Would cognate be a better word for a blog written in English and Spanish? I don't think so, since it isn't about a "similar origin" but what makes us different and alike altogether. A different view of the same things: music, culture, politics. Un palíndromo ha nacido.Now let's rock.