Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally going Gaga...

At first, I thought she was the music industry's reaction to their gold child, that I kiss a girl girl; a clone that would bring much needed business to a fading commerce, so I listened with precaution. Although it didn't take too long to actually find out that she had nothing to do with Perry (lyrics, good music, talent, anyone?) I was not really attracted to her insipid pop taste and less than catchy lyrics. 
On the other side, Lady has always tried to be "different", and we can often find her roaming the streets of London pant less, with Geisha makeup and Kentucky derby hats. So, she wanted attention, I can think of more than one celebrity doing unintentional crazy stuff and we reward them with the titles of A listers.
Well Gaga no more. She has talent damn it, and to prove it he enroll the guy that will shut all sceptical peeps like me to ego less shelves. Jonas Fucking Akerlund. The music is still what it was, but sure sounds different, and that for Lady Gaga is a good thing.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Through sickness and in health...

I always loved movies but I started to appreciate cinema the moment I saw Talk to her. Ever since then, Almodovar and I have shared that special bond and although there have being bad times (La mala educacion) and some not so bad (Volver), I am still waiting for the Almodovar that got Oscar recognition with All about my mother.
The thing is, the buzz in Cannes is that Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos) is far from being his next big thing. Meanwhile, I can only wait to see that for myself.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Experience art that comes from experiences

This is an interesting proposition that TAXI uses to explain art: life imitates art imitating life. And they actually made it simple and inspiring. This is one of those i-wish-I-had-come-up-with-that-idea idea but then again, I'm glad someone else got to do it to appreciate it for what it is, an awesome short.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mexico nos trae algo mas que virus, este mes...

Los que tienen la suerte de vivir en NY, podran ver este fin de semana (si ya no fueron mas suertudos y la vieron la semana pasada en el TFF) la produccion de Carlos Cuaron "Rudo y Cursi" que habre por tiempo limitado en el  Museum of the Moving Image. Esperada porque es la primera vez que nos ponen a Garcia Bernal y Luna en una pelicula juntos desde "Y tu mama tambien". A pesar que la anterior me parecio un tanto "overrated"  me encanta la quimica de  estos dos actores y si termina siendo un primer buen intento para Cuaron, que solo ha dirigido cortos y nunca un filme completo, me parece que va a ser entretenido ver esta historia de dos hermanos mexicanos que suenan por mejores dias.
Y, no lo hacemos todos? Si les quedan dudas miren unos de los trailer que han sacados que estan rechistosos guey.