Friday, August 29, 2008

My anthem

Every year (or maybe every month), I get to play a song so much on my ipod it becomes the only daily necessity and as it occurs, musical obsession begins. I'm aware pop rules and little to none has being dedicated to more alternative rock, but maybe this is a good place to start: I am Leo and I'm addicted to MGMT
Hopefully MGMT could respond hi Leo, so I could feel more at ease about my next confession. I don't think I ever thought I could say this but "time to Pretend" should be the song for this decade. Yes, and even dare to say define the first 10 years of 2000. It's irreverent, witty and so, so fun.
I give to you, the best thing to hit my ipod and obsessed about since...Natalia Lafourcade?? Oh god. The best thing period.

"Time To Pretend" Music Video Premiere - MGMT


Ze pequena said...

eeeeeeeeeeee! ya me la baje!!!

Autómata said...

escuchaste el Climbing to new lows?

es bueno sí, claro no tienes esos himnos hype que a todos nos gustan, pero pega