Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bringing '97, '88 and '81 back..

I can't believe is been 12 years now, since the time I heard Depeche Mode making a "comeback". Remember "is no good"?? well, I do and I'm pretty sure there's people that think that's not even there best stuff, after all they've being around since 1981.

But there's something about them that I don't want to like but can't resist, maybe it has to do with their new wave (more like pop now) sound, but they do it SO GOOD. Check out their latest which I feel is just going to get lost in the vast sea that is the web and probably not reach as many, as our previous designated catalysts forms of media did (yes, I'm looking at you MTV). Too bad, the video is awesome.

PS: Is it Botox or just the sound of new wave that keeps them timeless? Either way I want their secret.

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Autómata said...

es el sonido del new-new wave
todos en el fondo tenemos alma ochentera, y te explico el porqué, en nuestro país (osea Guayaquil jaja) los ochentas llegaron tarde, y nos cogieron un poco grandecitos, cuando la gente loca y divertida por derecho y ley debíamos estar en los 90´s, y lo estábamos, pero todos esos ochenteros recuerdos volvieron con la nostalgia dosmilera... y mira tú, que viva la new-new wave!!!