Thursday, April 16, 2009

Imitating art?

Don't think so. Ximena Sarinana and Natalia Lafourcade are 2 of the most talented singers out there from Latin America, right now. Both have formal musical training, great voices, are awesome lyricists and pride themselves on creating their own style, right? Well, here is the thing: both are relatively young (Lafourcade is 25 and Sarinana is 23) and are still looking for their own musical style. Sarinana has mentioned that one of her biggest influences is Fiona Apple and her latest video "mediocre", took me to a place very close to my heart in 1996...

And here's Fiona:
Fiona Apple ~ Shadowboxer let's move on to Natalia Lafourcade. I was hooked to her self titled album with La forquetina from the moment I heard the opening song, which was an "untitled" Capella. Great, awesome album, if you like pop, ska, electronic and a few other sounds. The latest "Ella es bonita", made me think of some other pop darling from oversees with a similar taste for new sounds, sweet voice and out-there lyrics...but who...?

Ladies you are extremely talented women, the last thing I want to do is to see you become someone I intentionally didn't buy their album to begin with. Now, I understand pressure, specially from music houses, but reinventing is always better than plain taking from someone, or as some people my put it, stealing. Next time I see you pulling a 1996 or 2005 it better be for a tribute album, cause you are not going anywhere.

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