Friday, November 13, 2009

Cheer this

Holidynomite, is right, because my first thought after watching the intro for the new cheer factory website for The Gap, was someone should blow this thing up, hacker style by pressing on the "do us a favor and keep this off the web" button. I mean, I love the holidays as much as my 4 year old cousin loves it, but digi-cheers give me real pukes. I purposely made the mistake of clicking on mo' mistletoe hoping the cheerleaders get raunchy, it only brought projectile vomit. So I guess this website is great for one thing, and it doesn't have anything to do with spreading the holiday spirit. On the other hand, my mom would beg to differ and would find this website HILarious, maybe that alone could bring her to do some shopping at the Gap.

PS: while posting this, I clicked on Your office party hardied and it's painfully hilarious! It's toned down for all office parties, but I bet, even the people at C+P where cracking up when writing this ridiculousness!!

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