Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Music, who knew!!

We are on a roll this week!! I just found the new video for Jamie Foxx and T Pain. Truly, I couldn't tell that Jamie was singing, I thought it was all the product of TPain's computer vocals, but now I get why this single is SO HOT!! Better yet, Jake G is in the video!! The teenager in me dances (kinda crunking by now). Ch-ch-check it.

Jamie Foxx - Blame It (ft. T-Pain) from Vernonmac on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music (if you wanna)

Everyone knows I'm an MTV child: I love videos, learned my directors like capitals and consequently followed most of their work. Unfortunately, it's being a while since I actually cared about any, videos or directors, now that most of the music we follow is compacted as mp3s and directed to our ipods. MIMS though, came out with this new music video that is worthy of my former fixation for the genre. Sounds a bit like the Cool Kids, but taking in consideration the public hardly gets music from the same sources, it could probably be overlooked by many. Music aside, its an awesome effort to bring back art into music. I'll be director hunting for this one. Enjoy.

MIMS - "MOVE (IF U WANNA)" from MC Endeezy on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Directed by Da Visionaryz. Find some of their work on their mySpace page.

Santo de Argentina

Este tiene que ser uno de los comerciales mas diferentes, lokos y divertidos que he visto. En hora buena Santo! Y haciendole un google a la agencia, llegué a una campaña para Arnett, red telefónica de Argentina, que participó en Cannes en el 2007 y que esta...bueno, de pelos!! Chequéatela.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lo nuevo de BBDO Argentina

Querida Argentina:
Tu sentido del humor, irreverente y sarcastico se ha ganado mi cinico y esceptico corazoncito. Cuando te vea, voy a correr, muy despacio, practicamente en camara lenta, para decirte al oido que terminemos esta relacion de idealismo antes de que alguien salga lastimado. He llegado a jurarte como uno de los mejores lugares donde se hace publicidad en el mundo por tu nivel creativo, algo que se lo repito a todo el que lo quiera escuchar. Desafortunadamente nada es para siempre, despues de todo, no se puede ser tan perfecto, o si?

About that infamous Sunday...

Okay, so maybe, I didn't post the best and worst right away, but you have to understand it was an AWESOME game! and the commercials were...well, okay. Expect for a few new executions (some needed 3d glasses) there weren't so many ideas that shook me to the core. I did like the careerbuilder and commercials though, which most likely touched the soft spot of our financially challenged beings. 

The ones I hated, and really there was only one I felt in my guts, was the McGruber sellout to Pepsi, currently known as Pepsuber. So blatant and awfully addy it almost made me swear off advertising. It was obvious that Pepsi decided to pay SNL the rights to convert this, semi-decent sketch, into something intolerable to me. 

I still have mixed feelings about the Alec Baldwin for Hulu commercial, yes he is an awesome actor, smart and funny, the idea was great and totally ownable's Crispin Porter. Aghhhhh! I may have to give it to them, this one is pretty genius, but unless you keep doing work like this, to me you will always be the most overrated, (self-proclaimed) small agency, Crispin. I have my eye on you.