Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About that infamous Sunday...

Okay, so maybe, I didn't post the best and worst right away, but you have to understand it was an AWESOME game! and the commercials were...well, okay. Expect for a few new executions (some needed 3d glasses) there weren't so many ideas that shook me to the core. I did like the careerbuilder and commercials though, which most likely touched the soft spot of our financially challenged beings. 

The ones I hated, and really there was only one I felt in my guts, was the McGruber sellout to Pepsi, currently known as Pepsuber. So blatant and awfully addy it almost made me swear off advertising. It was obvious that Pepsi decided to pay SNL the rights to convert this, semi-decent sketch, into something intolerable to me. 

I still have mixed feelings about the Alec Baldwin for Hulu commercial, yes he is an awesome actor, smart and funny, the idea was great and totally ownable's Crispin Porter. Aghhhhh! I may have to give it to them, this one is pretty genius, but unless you keep doing work like this, to me you will always be the most overrated, (self-proclaimed) small agency, Crispin. I have my eye on you.

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