Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have a confession to make

I love America's Best Dance Crew. It's kind of embarrassing given that it's MTV, Randy Jackson from American Idol (show I have yet to watch) and it's MTV. However these crews show an amazing level of technique, creativity and discipline and top it all, they are all street dancers!!. Don't get me wrong, some have had training, the case of Jabawokees, but some like Status Quo have actually left their home for this show with nothing more than a couple of bucks in their pockets and dreams of making it big.
Now on their last week, the two groups are battling the 1st position for the last time and I have favorites, the Jabawokees, although I love the passion that Status puts onto every move. Unfortunately former training shows when it comes to choreography, concept and agility. But it's all to be said on Thursday when America votes. This voting part just brings really bad memories to my head. So I am clicking on the MTV website to do my part and if you like them you should do that too!! Here.

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