Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time flyes...

Damn, its being a while since I've had an entry. It's not carelessness on my part, on the contrary, I have this daily reminder that I am slacking as I go to work, write for that other website (which I should explain in detail on its own entry), having a dog and a boyfriend and well, shopping on ebay: my msn nick has a descriptor that reads"New"!!. Oh, the horror for the (two) people who read this blog when there aren't any new entries.
So, I'm back bitches!! to tell you bits and pieces of the most interesting things that cross my path.
Today I feel music it's the way to start. Pharrel and the N*e*r*d* kids have done it again "Everyone nose" pretty much says it all, but if you need a second hint: Lindsay Lohan and a third: ALL THE GIRLS STANDING IN THE LINE FOR THE BATHROOM!!

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